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Some observations and considerations; process of translation J-E:
Translations are processed
with 50 specialized electronic dictionaries of ‘LogoVista’ that are, literally, growing daily as new terms enter a field, and as translators add their own terms to their vocabulary. Combined, these technologies build up at ‘Trados’ the Translator’s Workbench.
Not just a question of translating
the words correctly, goes without saying. All translations must take into account cultural considerations and cultural styles. The way documents are organized and written in one country may not be understood well in another. So each document that CMLAS works on is also evaluated against the criteria of accurately translating the author's meaning, as well as the words.
Three QQQ
(Query, Quest, and Quintessential) are quality-control points. In CMLAS's translation process we shall thus endeavor that translated documents being read replicate the intent and style of the original source.
Available languages: English/German/French/Danish/Dutch/Japanese
1. We are keen meeting your deadline, but not 'by yesterday'
    You deserve an impeccable service, we work sweat and tears to that achieve that.
2. Written in the style of the target language.
    Your communication can be transmitted over the whole world in the right wording.
3. Just automated M/T? machine translations? Wide of the mark!
    Professional translators and copy-editors with the feel for languages compete!
4. You are abroad?
    Time differences are not necessarily against you in these times of e-mail accessible round the clock! Your queries are addressed effectively and when we obtain clarification, then we start processing your order.
5. Experience and common sense.
    Multi-lingual communications for decades. Peruse translation samples
6. Long-term projects
    Newsletters, whether in print or electronically distributed, view the Portfolio
7. Translating websites.
    Your website is your visiting card. Potential clients will feel immediately at home if they are being addressed in their own language.
8. Price/Quality Ratio.
    A fair price is not too little, but certainly not too much.
Choose CMLAS as your language partner! Contact us now!

Let's not endlessly review
let's get started and get delivered value for your time.
Basic fees for one time assignments:
   European Languages
German/French/Danish/Dutch to English: per A4 double spacing 3.600 Yen
 or per word count when more than four A4 sheets: 15 yen per word. 
  For continuous translation work like periodicals, newsletters etc. request an estimate: Contact here
    English to German/French/Danish/Dutch: per A4 double spacing 4.000 Yen
 or 20 Yen per word count when more than four A4 sheets.
  use our price converter here
  Japanese to English / English to Japanese
  J-E 20 Yen per Kanji / Kana / Romaji character
  E-J 30 Yen per word count
      use our price converter here
Additional charges:
    See detailed translation price list and method of payment (PayPal available)
    For a sample 8 language botanical scientific summary: Campine_J.A.E._Slembrouck