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By having used the term “we” here and there on this website I won’t try to make believe CMLAS is some allround full-service firm with a team of busy people in the forefront of all Computer Graphic design offers on the www.competition. It’s just me. I’ve been doing graphic design for many years, traditionally and electronically starting in the days of DOS ver. 5 with 5 inch floppy program diskettes.

My CG Design concept: to assist you, your business, or your organization with creating a unique image,
to create or remake lasting impressions. Here below a small collection of work delivered and templates

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 Advertising / Announcements   Click here
 Awards / Certificates   Click here
 Brochures, cover pages, inside look   Click here
 Business cards   Click here
 Flyers, leaflets   Click here
 Invitations, illustrations   Click here
 Letterheads   Click here
 Logos Click here
 Maps   Click here
 Menus   Click here
 Newsletters   Click here
 Presentation layouts   Click here
 Promotion items like CD/DVD labels   Click here
 Season's Greetings   Click here
 Web pages, banners, icons, favicon   Click here

3D Animations  Interior and/or Decorator Designs  POS Materials / Signs   
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Flash animated files      

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