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To give a complete visual presentation of 20 years work could be time consuming to peruse and probably uninteresting. Here presented some achievements fit to view.
Many translations delivered were text based, privacy and confidentiality with legal professional privilege prevent them from being released here.
(e.g. translation of Japanese Birth Certificates; Bank questionnaires; Interviews of officials from the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare, among others) 
Only some translations, documents in the public domain can be shown.
These have usually been in after-production, DTP at CMLAS and published, like the thumbnail picture here to the right.
View sample text translations: click here: sample translations 
  For an 8 language botanical scientific summary: Buitengoor_J.A.E._Slembrouck sample newsletters
Language Support
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Computer Graphic Design
- Company logos, letterhead, business cards
Ideas and preferences digitalized. Any color or shade, customized fonts
- Maps
Business location or sightseeing information, in full color or back and white
- Flyers
Eye catching or simply stylish, purposeful on A4, B5 or customized sizes
- Brochures
Theme designed with consistent layout
- Cover pages
Have the content pages but wish a cover design? Lets get it right!
- Banners
Static or flash animated
- Classified adds
Independent, multi-purpose and amendable design  
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sample map
Website Design
1998-2004: WSO Centre (Waseda Study Overseas Centre)
Website started with FrontPage 98 and maintained throughout version 2003
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  2000 - 2007: Portal website maintained with FrontPage 2003
Travel, Group Tours, Accommodation, NPO Volunteers, Korea, Romania, BJLS (Bucharest Japanese Language School), Vocational Schools, and Ballet Schools Abroad with auditions for international students
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  2009 - : Sandokai
Website with MS SharePoint Designer. The Global Zen Network project was initially sponsored by Sanzen-dojo-no-kai but after the triple Tohoku disaster receives no longer financial support. Moved to
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  2009 - : Horakuan
Website designed on request with IBM Websphere Homepage Builder (Japanese/English)
this website has been re-designed with WordPress
WordPress themes of your choice, can develop customized child-theme
   Season's Greetings    
  Every year end is busy, but sending out a customized e-Season's Greetings is paramount to maintaining good relationships with business associates.
I just completed the 12 year cycle of the Japanese zodiac.
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