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Here below follow a number of translation extracts in different fields:
(for privacy protection reasons dates, names and places are fictious)

Employment Contract
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Legal; Family Register Permanent Domicile
Date of Amendment: (Heisei Year 12) 2000, March 4
Cause of Amendment: Revised Ministerial ordinance law No.51, the 2nd article, 1st clause issued by the Judicial-affairs of the Ministry of Justice; Heisei Year 6 (1994)
Alteration item: Family Register Permanent Domicile
Date & Reason: 2005/4/1; Administrative district and name change;
Hitherto Record of Family Register’s Permanent Domicile: xxx-x, Azusa-oaza, Azusagawa-mura, Minami-Azumi-gun, Nagano Prefecture
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Balance sheet ・ For Profitability, Sustainability, Estimated Growth Rate: following Ratio Analysis + Variance and Contributions
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海外留学生保険のあらまし (海外旅行保険)
Outline of Overseas International Students Travel and Health Insurance
Medical Expenses of Dental Treatment.
 When the contract set the term of insurance to one year, the insurance limits payments to one year.
(1) Cost of medical consultations, treatment and operations.
(2) Cost of the medical treatment drugs, materials and medical equipment usage charges.
(3) Cost of radiology expenses, various diagnostic examination charges.
(4) Certification of medical expenses by the dentist, required for claiming insurance.
(Note) In the event that medical treatment is undergone in Japan, the expense which the insured pays to the medical examination institution directly as out-of-pocket expenses with health insurance, is applicable. See the full 3 page translation in pdf format here.
 例1.腰椎椎間板症 平成xx年10月以降、重いものを持つとしばしば腰痛は増強し、治療にて軽快する。 V線上では、L5/sが狭まっていることを認め、最近では平成xx年2月に中腰になって症状が出現し、4月2日以降の診断なし。
例2.XX殿 昭和63年3月5日生・ 病名右足底色素性母斑  平成15年3月頃より右足底の色素斑に気づき、徐々に増大したため、同年12月1日当料初診。 初診時6.5×2.5mm大の平滑で辺縁やや不整の黒色斑認め、頭書疾患と診断の上、同年12月3日全滴術施行。組織学的に複合型の色素性母斑と判明。術後、創部の皮膚潰瘍を生じ、平成16年1月21日まで当科へ通院加療及び在宅での安静、療養を要したことを証す。
以下余白。 上記のとおり診断します。
  Medical Report
Example 1.  After October 20xx when carrying heavy weight lumbago (low back pain) often augmented; treatment resulted in remission. On the V striation it is recognized that L5/s has narrowed. As recent as February 20xx symptoms in a half-sitting posture appeared, but on and after 2nd April no diagnosis.
Example 2. Miss XX D.O.B. March 5th of the 63rd year of Showa (1988).
Ecchymosis or the bleeding into the tissue from ruptured blood vessels at the right foot’s bottom where the mother birthmark is colored. From the time it was first noticed, around March 2003 (Heisei Year 15), the pigment freckle of the right foot bas-fond increased gradually until it was identified at the first medical examination in December of the same year. At the time of the first medical examination ( 6.5 by 2.5 mm), the nigrities ecchymosis was glabrous (flat and smooth) the periphery a little irregular, and after diagnosing it as above mentioned, it was removed surgically on the 3rd of December of the same year. From the viewpoint of histology, the nevus pigmentosus of compound type was detected. After the operation the sore of the skin ulcer caused, needed medical treatment seeing the doctor at our ward regularly and resting at home until January 21st of the 16th year of Heisei (2004) of which evidence is herewith given. Here below blank. Diagnosis Attestation as above
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A new style of doing business, bearing the flexible responses to changed conditions in mind, is called for in the Japanese high-tech manufacturing sector.   See the webpage here