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 Webhosting account set up and maintenance 15.000 Yen annually [use our currency converter]
  Included is:
  - Registration of Domain name for 5 years, Dedicated IP or Shared Webhosting Server, this pair server is monitored and maintained every minute of every day of the year and Log (web stats)
Analysis Tools are available to the webmaster as is onsite backup.
  - 250 Mb website contents, 5 email addresses; Max 75Mb per mail box; 5Mb per email attachment
(can be customized). Secure access to email boxes (webmail with squirrel) from anywhere.
  - 1 administration registered email box: e.g.
  - Automated forwarding service to one or more personal email addresses e.g.
  - Spam filter, anti-virus scan
  - FTP access for uploading your website / folder, file management and maintenance
  - WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal on the server; Technical support available, details scroll below
 Webhosting with website design 75.000 Yen start up; 60.000 Yen annually [currency converter]
  A 9* page website design with website directory, layout and navigation
  - index file: banner and 9 navigation links (p.1)
  - About us / Profile (p.2)
  - Location / Google embedded interactive map (p.3)
  - Product 1 / subdirectory pages see IT Price List (p.4)
  - Product 2 / subdirectory pages see IT Price List (p.5)
  - Calendar (p.6)
  - Gallery (p.7)
  - Links or site map (p.8)
  - Contact us: standard CGI mail-form / guestbook (p.9) (stand alone page or embedded)
  * all page titles are samples and can be named according preferences; location and/or contact us can be integrated in other pages.
 Software used: SharePoint Designer, S/FTP GlobalScape Pro, Corel Suite X5, Macromedia Flash
  - XHTML ver.1 / UTF-8 charset / css / cgi perl / Jscript / HTML source code W3 verified.
  - Cross-browser  compatible¹
  - customized secure CGI Form-mail with auto responder and auto forwarding see IT Price List
 SEO (search engine optimization)
  - Apart from coding the index page with meta tags such as “keywords”, content “description” and “abstract” for search engines like Yahoo / Google to map the URL and enable Internet users to find relevant information on their web search, likewise, relevant images have the 'alt' attribute manually coded, Acrobat Reader *.pdf files are provided with contents description in 'property' and registration in the Web directory can be made: manual directory submission with human-edited directories, like the Open Directory Dmoz for maximum exposure.
  - For more SEO services see IT Price List
 Website maintenance and development
  8.000 Yen per additional page see IT Price List for:
  - Images, illustrations, maps, banners,
  - Slideshow pictures / animated gif / flash files / PDF files
  - Embedding video clips / Flash format/ PowerPoint presentations
  - Changes in text/updates on products, or contents, once approved.
  - Verifying correct language usage / terminology / improvements in design, once approved
 Technical Support included in the full package:
  - Maintenance / Internet Security / Spam filter, Virus scan / Backup /
  - Web site performance: log stats
  - Friendly communications with the person in charge
  - Changing password requests
  - Not included: Changes of email addresses / mailbox ID
 Sample Webpage Designs and Templates
    See Portfolio

An invoice with breakdown and receipt will be issued according agreed on and selected options.
Payment through Paypal in Yen, US Dollars, Euro available.