About me …

When I returned to Japan in 1991, it was a matter of course that languages would be my business, having lived and worked in a number of European and Asian countries and having business experience in various fields. Still… I wondered how this all would work out in Japan known for its corporate culture and lifelong employment. Notwithstanding, I thought it best to register as self-employed with the company name ‘Clover Multi-lingual Assistance Solutions’.

Born in Antwerp, Belgium, carrying a Danish passport, I made my home in Tokyo. Over the years in Japan I gained more skills in various fields, as a foreign language consultant, freelance translator, computer graphic designer of promotion materials, computer network administrator, website designer; not to forget keeping up the general office work that comes with running a business. Most of all I enjoy interactive work.

I duly pay my bills, health insurance, pension scheme and taxes, so model citizen no? Have I earned a permanent resident visa status? You bet!
I live in Fussa west of Tokyo. Work from home4 is not common but work in house or on location is much more in demand. My commute? 1 hour and a half to most offices in the city. Why live 40 km away from work?

Mount Fuji can be seen from the balcony on clear winter days. Cherry Blossom Viewing along the banks of Tama River in Spring is most enjoyable. Tamagawa Josui canal flows just 20 m from my home and last but not least cycling into the mountains is just a stone’s throw away; depending on who throws the stone, that is…
I consider myself a seasoned traveler6 with a trying-to-keep-up view of our world as it accelerates information technology and opens opportunities today for a future like ‘Imagine’ tomorrow.