CG Design

By having used the term “we” on this website here and there I won’t try to make believe CMLAS is some all round full-service firm with a team of busy people in the forefront of all competition. It’s just me…
I’ve been doing graphic design for many years, traditionally and electronically starting in the days of DOS version 5.

My CG Design concept: to assist you, your business, or your organization with creating a unique image, to create or remake lasting impressions.

Website Design

Website design and development with or without Website Hosting account.

  • Introduction to the concept / contents of the website
  • Design & Layout
  • Quote / Contract; terms and conditions
  • Remittance / Start up
  • Development

e-newsletter Design

The approach to e-newsletter design is as a website, but coding -XHTML vs. HTML 5- determines how it appears in e-mail readers, just like one has to consider how it appears in different browsers you will appreciate. Good to know that some email clients strip CSS out, images will not be shown by default, Lotus Notes 6 and 7 do not show PNG images, and then there is the spam filter, right?

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