You have the translation, you don’t need to hire a full-time editor or writer. Just send in your writing and proofreading tasks, and we’ll get them done for you promptly and professionally. It’s just like having a dedicated proofreader or writer on hand when you need one, without the overhead. Your documents will be marked up professionally for your perusal.
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We provide proofreading and other services to all types of clients, from publishers and educational institutions to students and individuals.
Services are reasonably priced, see price list here.


You require more than just proofreading and marking up?
We’re versatile. We can work with specialized documents, evaluate semantics, correct terminology, puctuation and syntax. We value your privacy and security, committed to keeping your documents confidential and safe from prying eyes.
We’re precise, fast, and competitively priced. See price list here.

Copy Editing

For your important translation projects it is not just a question of translating the words correctly, goes without saying. All translations must take into account cultural considerations and cultural styles. The way documents are organized and written in one country may not be understood well in another. So each document that CMLAS works on is also evaluated against the criteria of accurately translating the author’s meaning, as well as the words.
In CMLAS’s translation process we shall thus endeavor that translated documents being read replicate the intent and style of the original source.
The three QQQ (Query, Quest, and Quintessential) are our quality-control points.

Available languages: English/German/French/Danish/Dutch/Japanese

1. We are keen meeting your deadline, but not ‘by yesterday’
You deserve an impeccable service, we work sweat and tears to that achieve that.
2. Written in the style of the target language.
Your communication can be transmitted over the whole world in the right wording.
3. Just automated M/T? machine translations? Wide of the mark!
Professional translators and copy-editors with the feel for languages compete!

Price/Quality Ratio.
A fair price is not too little, but certainly not too much.
Choose CMLAS as your language partner! Contact us now!

Let’s not endlessly review, let’s get started and get delivered value for your time.
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